Some time ago I had written about how Wikimapia was a huge benefit in a country like India where we had little or no mapping of relevance. Particularly the kind of digital and satellite maps you can zoom in and out of many parts of the world.

I don’t know about everyone else but many friends and colleagues at work have found the concept and its utility fascinating. Considering you can identify and mark your home or area out on the map, wherever in the world. A friend who lives in north Mumbai’s Yari Road area found that his neighbour’s teenage daughter had already imprinted her name on his building. And just six families live there.

A colleague from work told me how the satellite picture of his village near Ratnagiri on the south western coast of India was taken exactly 1 year and 8 months ago (or some thing as precise). How, by looking at some construction activity which had just begun there.

A Wiki Project on Bribes !

The Economist in its latest issue talks about the Wiki principle in some detail. I also learn from the same article that “the word “wiki” comes from the Hawaiian word for “quick”, but also stands for “what I know is…. Wikis are thus the purest form of participatory creativity and intellectual sharing..” The same issue of The Economist carries an extensive survey on how newspapers’ very existence is at question.

Everyone is aware of collaborative experiences like Wikipedia, an online encyclopaedia now believed to be several times larger than the Encyclopaedia Britannica. And expanding every day.

It strikes me that we should look to create more Wiki concepts like Wikimapia. Except that it could be dedicated to India or specific, information-starved areas within India. For instance, a Wiki project on government departments that accept or demand bribes with details of who, when and in what circumstances. Of course its prone to misuse. But so are so many things. Though experience suggest collaborative projects have a tendency to self-correct over time.

Right To Information Magnified !

Or a Wiki concept on the number of times your local MLA has actually done some work..or even your local usually lazy corporator. Or the last time the roads were paved and with what. You can even link with Wikimapia’s satellite images. To create a richer experience. Obviously this is your version of events but like I said before, it will self-correct. Think about it, its like a Right To Information Act concept magnified several times. But I sense it could work. Am sure you can think of more such Wiki concepts !


Anonymous said…
An ingenious idea, no doubt, but I have some reservations over how effective it will be... Chaotic mud-slinging frenzies seem inevitable. They happen often enough on Wikipedia, and there's isn't even anything personal at stake there. On a wiki on corrupt officials, there's a lot of room for personal affronts, and lots of reputations on the line... Still, I suppose it's worth a shot.
Unknown said…
Let's go, go, go!
RPM said…
How about eve teasing on BEST buses? Which route, which location, etc.

Or in general, spotting perverts on the road?
szavo said…
I really like the idea of an India wiki-bribe (as differentiated from a "wiki-bride"). Your commenters raise some important considerations regarding mudslinging, but wikipedia largely overcomes attempts to hijack the system by close monitoring of dedicated volunteers. (For an interesting article on the history of wikipedia, check out

I have another wiki Citizens could share info and data on the types of industrial or agricultural pollution they are exposed to in their communities. Ultimately, the wiki-bribe and wiki-pollution could be linked since many of India's polluters are bribing government officials responsible for monitoring pollution.
Anonymous said…
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